Premium Trout eggs through knowledge, experience and genetics

Producing high quality trout ova starts and ends with qualified and dedicated staff with solid experience.

Apart from good genetics and the right strain, it requires great expertise and good craftsmanship all the way from stripping and fertilization until the eggs are disinfected and packed before shipment.


Trout breeders in Denmark have strived to improve the genetics of rainbow trout as...

Knowledge, experience

and genetics

Benefit from the knowledge and skills of 4 generations of fish farmers! Our production has roots all the way back to the first days of trout breeding in Denmark in the early 1900s. The dedication and expertise of our ancestors combined with Troutex’s well proven and efficient breeding program today has made it possible to achieve the advanced genetics, the great look and the powerful growth in the strains we are proud to offer you today!   


disease free ova

Our ova are certified free of BKD, IPN, IHN and VHS regardless if they are delivered from Denmark or Northern Ireland. Authorities in both countries carry out regular disease testing at our sites to ensure that the fish are healthy and live up to the highest health status given to any supplier of trout ova. Our production takes place under strict biosecurity rules exceeding national laws and common quality standards.

Quality and certifications

Troutex was first to offer organic certified trout ova produced in Denmark already in 2012. We can supply trout ova certified to the GLOBALG.A.P standard and/or approved for ASC producers all year around from a number of our farms. We also comply with many other standards

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Troutex can supply Rainbow Trout ova 12 months a year.

All strains supplied from Troutex originate from our breeding program unless it is specifically agreed that the delivery takes place from an external supplier.



To achieve successful results in trout farming a number of parameters are of great importance.

Read about some of the factors that have a strong influence on the farm performance.

Benefit from

our Experience

Troutex was founded in 2004, but our production has roots back to the early days of fish farming in Denmark in the early 1900’s.

We deliver high quality disease free trout ova all year around – to customers all over the world.

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